We took a moment to celebrate a new beggining. That is the premises where Physio to Performance will be hosted this year. With that opportunity I would like to clearly state my goals and commitments for this new venture.

My mission statement

My mission is to change the way physiotherapy is delivered, be more effective and offer the results my patients are looking for.  My aim is to empower people to be independent and spend time doing what they enjoy. It is to mutual benefit to rehabilitate an injury in a speedy and effective way.

The process

At the initial consultation I discuss with my patients my examination findings. Then I set a clear and understandable way for you to reach your goals. This helps the patient be in control of his/her situation, measure the success of the treatment approach. The timeframe to achieve your goals is based on your involvement in the treatment and also the condition itself.

My practice promotes fast, sustainable results and promotes long term independence of the patient. Nothing like the usual approach of “See you next week, AGAIN”. That is an aspect of my practice that you will find differs from other practitioners. We set together the outcome measures to assess the treatment progress and I hold tight on them. This gives you control over the condition and you CAN monitor your  progress at any stage of the process. We are talking about tangible, easy to measure results!

The outcomes we commonly use are Mobility, Activity levels, Pain Levels, sports specific goals etc.

The way to achieve your goals is a range of treatment modalities you cand find under the tab “services”.

The methods

I am proud to bring a whole new range of services and feel proud for bringing Functional Range Release and KINSTRETCH for the first time in the UK!! That is a sure way to guarantee that my approach is totally different to what you have experienced before.

Soon I will be posting more updates and intros of valued partners who help me shape a new outlook in the delivery of healthcare services.

Until then, I wish you the best for 2017!
Take massive action in the direction of your dreams to grow and become the best version of yourself.

For this, leave Worry, Stress, FEAR locked behind in 2016. 😉

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