Richmond Half Marathon

I had the chance to be involved in Richmond Park Half Marathon this year. I offered brief physiotherapy assessments and post race massage to runners after the finish line. The reception among runners was very good, especially runners looking to perfect their running technique. Moreover it served people who aren’t aware of restrictions/stiffness and need to be pointed to the right direction.

 Running “gurus”

It is always refreshing to challenge people beliefs on running, running injuries. There is a lot you can do to prepare for running and mitigate possible injuries. A lot of runners will try to find a quick fix or an easy answer online a few weeks before a race. That is how links to “The best 5 stretches for runners”. and “Everything you need to know about running injuries” hoard clicks and misinform.

The answer I give runners, is that it all comes down to mobility and pre-requisites for running. This is not something you will hear often. A carefully and individually tailored programme is what people need. This should focus on addressing weaknesses. Unfortunately this demands preparation, time and effort. All of them are in very short supply 😉

I work frequently with runners doing marathons and shorter distances. People will see me to improve their running technique, mitigate injuries or address a long-standing concern . So, I always focus on addressing the underlying cause of the injury. Focusing on the symptoms only, offering people just a quick fix with no long term strategy is not viable. People are better informed and want to spend more time running, rather than seeing a physiotherapist. Treating symtpoms only will surely lead you to see your physio sooner and more often than you expect. The true measure of success is seeing my people participate and compete in races with the minimum amount of surprises/injuries. That is the main focus, promote active lifestyles and help people perform better in what they enjoy 😉

Race updates

My reflection on the race and the people organizing it is great. Clearly it is organised by a bunch of people who are passionate about running and run themselves!!.

Look for future events here!!

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