Running is one of my favourite sports as I believe it comes down to our fundamental motor patterns. I always wanted to learn more about running and its various forms. A lot of information is available online and in well researched books on distance running. What about sprinting then? I participated in a workshop hosted by EtonCrossfit box with Marlon Devonish.

Who is Marlon Devonish

Marlon Devonish is the UK’s most decorated sprinter and had a long lasting career. Among his greatest success is his Olympic Gold Medal(2004, Athens) in 100m relay. An interesting feat coming with that is the UK team won with the US team coming second for the first time after 1918! To his credit Marlon has never been involved in cheating which is a rare feat with contemporary sprinters. Currently he runs a speed consulting business and helps individual athletes improve their speed in team sports (rugby, football etc). He still coaches sprinters of course!

 What did I learn

The whole experience was amazing and we had a go at EtonCrossfit’s renovated outdoor track. Starting the session with sprinting and training drills was important to get conditioned and gain a better understanding of the small differences in training make. At the end of the day there is some difference you can spot if you go through a casual sprinting drill and next to you you have one of the sports greatest demonstrating the proper technique.

Going through sprinting on the track was the second part of the workshop. There we had a chance to put our bodies to test and see the practical implications of what we were taught. It didn’t take long to appreciate the insane amount of focus athletes are expected to demonstrate under competition stress.

Hands on Coaching

Below is a video taken on the day:


Posted by Eton CrossFit on Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017

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