What Functional Range Release (FR) is?

FR is a soft tissue management system. It was developed by Dr. Andreo Spina and is part of his Functional Anatomy Seminars concept. The concept draws from years of clinical practice, scientific principles and is backed by all recent research studies. The human body is adressed through a BIOFLOW concept. Our tissues do not work indepndently or autonomously. There is a given amount of interdependence between muscles, joints, ligaments and all other soft tissues.

How will FR help YOU!

Establishing that your body functions as a whole allows for a thorough assessment that is not only focused on your main concern. We will work deeper and point out to you other areas of your body that contribute to your problem. This instantly helps understand your body better and be in the driver’s seat on how to better tackle it. Something I see often in my clinical practice is that due to common knowledge/ heard from a friend or another health practitioner people claim “”It is all connected”. Our approach will show you exactly how things are inter-related and how to wrest control of your body.


What is NOT Functional Range Release?


Often times you will come across “experts” that learned about the latest fancy technique and use it daily with super duper results. Be aware that most people will copy a concept they grasped partially online. I wouldn’t trust my health in their hands to say the least. Like all new treatment methods it takes a while to sink in.

Functional Range Release

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