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Mike Karavolos
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Mike Karavolos

MSK specialist Physiotherapist

BSc(Hons), MCSP, full body FR® Certified practitioner, FRCms

Mike Karavolos received his BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy (2:1) from Technological Educational Institute of Athens in 2011. He started parallel to his studies clinical shadowing as early as 2008. This decision derived from his interest to find out more about the clinical aspect of the profession. Mike then joined a prestigious multidisciplinary clinic in central Athens specialising in spinal pain, complex injuries and sports performance. This move has been instrumental in Mike’s professional development being part of a multidisciplinary clinic and finding a mentor. Observing experts dealing with a wide variety of MSK injuries helped shape an approach that focuses on clinical outcomes.

The journey has started..

After graduation, Mike pursued a range of certifications to supplement his physiotherapy skills. He regularly participates in conferences and workshops both locally and internationally on a variety of physiotherapy-related subjects.

List of certifications and seminars attended:

Clinical Approach

His clinical approach is heavily biased towards restoring normal movement, minimizing pain levels and improving functional outcomes. To achieve this, Mike makes sure that every patient attending his clinic comes to understand how his/her body works in a deeper level. This may take some time to be established and may not be the case on the first session. In order to better understand our bodies when in a pain state we may need to re-appraise our thoughts and beliefs on how the body works. Unfortunately in our times the advice and information spread over the internet or from different healthcare practitioners is not of the highest standard and may lead to the opposite results…

After a complete assessment is carried out, the concern is pinned to specific movements/tissues and habits of a patient. Treatment will be carried out as always within the initial assessment 1 hour appointment. This allows for the patient to see some early results and rest assured that our approach is targeted specifically at his/her concern.

Rehabilitation Regime

The last and more improtant step from a patient’s perspective is to adhere to a tailored and well-structured rehabilitation regime (Home Exercise Programme). The importance of this being effective can’t be stressed enough. It is crucial for the right exercises to be prescribed to add on the groundwork achieved within the clinical setting. This ensures that the treatment results the patient benefits from become more permanent. We take home exercise seriously and that is why we will never offer you boring or one dimensional exercises to do. Applying the groundbreaking FRC principles will make it a well targeted and fun routine to help you reach your full potential. Did you know that we are happy to contact your trainer too and discuss the programme in detail to your greatest benefit?

What people say about our level of care:

Continuity of care

Mike, you are a great physio! You have fixed my husband’s ankle, my son’s shoulder and wrist, my back and you are now working on my knee and leg! Thank you so much for your advice and support, your genuine care and your honesty. Your attitude and approach have inspired me and my family to keep healthy and to keep coming back to you when things need fixing sometimes!


Sports performance

If you want heathy, funtioning joints and tissues then you need to take care of them every day. Luckily, I was able to receive manual therapy on my shoulder and back from physiotherapist and FR practitioner, Mike Karavolos, while in London (If you’re in the area, go see Mike. He’s great!). Both have been nagging me lately (chronic tightness in my low back and a low grade injury to shoulder).

While I have many tools to improve joint health and function, I don’t have them all and I knew I needed more specific treatment beyond my capabilities. After treatment, my back tightness subsided and hasn’t returned and my shoulder has improved but needs more work. I will seek more manual therapy on both to continue progress and prevent future injury. I will continue my own mobility training to further compliment the manual therapy I received.

Chris Campbell

Founder NLFT, Florida, KINSTRETCH Instructor., Next Level Fit Training

Post operative rehabilitation

“…I have undergone numerous disc replacement/spinal fusion procedures and subsequent physiotherapy. As good as the post-operative care and physiotherapy has been, I don’t believe anything I have received to date, has been as effective or as rewarding as the current treatment I receiving from Michael.”

His exceptional knowledge, care, diligence and passion for the work he does is obvious, but he takes it to the next level, in my opinion, by really engaging with his patients and providing them with an exceptional quality of service. His unique approach is a breath of fresh air.

“He has provided me with both a physical and mental platform”… “I was not expecting anything like the results he has achieved.”